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Tourism Foodkit: Why

Eating locally distinctive food, experiencing new and exciting flavours and having easy access to a choice of catering which represents good value for money are all essential components of a memorable tourism experience. For many visitors it is becoming the prime motivation to travel, and culinary – or gastronomic – tourism is now a well-established niche worldwide. In between the gastronomes and those who eat purely for fuel are a growing number of travellers who link the experience of a country’s cuisine with its unique culture and heritage.

Recent surveys have shown that more than 70% of potential visitors to Scotland want to taste traditional dishes, regional specialities and fresh local produce. Most indicate that they would be prepared to pay a little more for locally-produced food in the expectation of freshness, enhanced taste and interest in the community they are visiting. Unfortunately, this is not what many are offered. Many experience only “bland international” food and have difficulty finding the wonderful produce for which Scotland is famous, with the result that very few of these visitors would recommend Scotland for its food.

This Foodkit has been designed to be your food companion and help you to take your first steps in meeting that demand for local, fresh, seasonal food, or to be there as you progress and develop and to act as a means of keeping in touch with the best and like-minded businesses.

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