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Food Tourism Bazaars – workshops with a difference

This Foodkit is about giving you practical tips and advice for providing your visitors with the best possible Scottish food experience. To complement this, we are currently developing and piloting a range of Food bazaars which offer information on purchasing, cooking, keeping costs under control and presenting Scottish dishes. So far we have piloted two – a breakfast bazaar and a game bazaar. They are called bazaars because demonstrations are run concurrently around the floor and you decide which you want to attend and in which order. The bazaars cover three main themes and these are demonstrated in three sessions around the room.

Breakfast Bazaar
Recent research tells us that visitors to Scotland breakfast pilot
complain most about our breakfasts. They can often
be the only meal taken at their accommodation and
are often the last food experience they have before
departing. It is vital for Scotland and our tourism
businesses that our visitors have an excellent breakfast
experience and one that echoes their overall experience
of Scotland.
The themes are:

Game Bazaargame3 pilot
We know that visitors to Scotland want to taste the
distinctive cuisine they associate with the country itself.
Within Scotland we have a wonderful game larder,
however visitors rarely find it on the menu.
The themes for this bazaar are:




If you want more information about these bazaars and/or future bazaars, contact [email protected]

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