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Kirkpatrick’s Restaurant, Kircudbright

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Kirkpatrick’s Restaurant, Kircudbright

Kirkpatrick’s is a quality Scottish restaurant using quality Scottish ingredients that are sourced locally. Tom and Kate, who opened it in 2002, had the belief that people who arrive from throughout the UK and from foreign shores should be offered a taste of the great Scottish cuisine. They firmly believe that our local and national produce is the envy of the world, we just don’t shout long and hard enough about it! Chefs abroad rate our national food - beef, game, fish and shellfish, dairy products and finest soft fruits. These are all locally available to Kirkpatrick’s, the quality is of the highest order and their suppliers are all passionate and committed to quality.

Tom and Kate have excellent relationships with all their suppliers and recognise that this has helped them with their running costs. It also gives them opportunities to try out new products and ranges before they become widely available which they believe gives them an edge and offers them creativity with their menu changes and ensures their customers regularly return to the restaurant.

They have invested in developing their knowledge of Scottish food and its heritage and regularly take ideas from the 17 th/18 th century and give them a modern twist. Not only does this mean that they can continue to offer traditional Scottish dishes, but they can also enhance their customers’ experience by being able to discuss some of the history of the recipes and ingredients.

Tom and Kate take pride in the fact that they provide customers with good food and good old-fashioned Scottish hospitality.

29 St Cuthbert St

Tel: 01557 330888

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