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Glamis Castle

Many Visitor Attractions franchise their catering concession and that can result in a bland and over priced product.

At Glamis, we had a contract with a large catering company whose staff worked completely separately from the rest of the Castle team. To speed up the self-service queues, they had installed tea and coffee dispensers which were hated by customers, many of whom couldn’t understand the instructions. They had also installed an “Italian Panini” machine which dispensed insipid versions of their own cuisine to Italians visiting the Castle.

Over the last few years we have made several changes. First of all, a new caterer was appointed – one more used to the hospitality industry. We got rid of the dreadful machines and replaced them with helpful, smiley people who gave the visitors a warm personal service and incidentally speeded up the whole process. Instead of faux panini and other pre-made dishes, all our food is now freshly made with as much produce as we can find locally. Our biggest seller year round is the famous Forfar Bridie which originated here in the village. We have made a feature of it and visitors love to learn about the local connection. Another popular dish is rhubarb crumble made with rhubarb which grows prolifically on the estate. We try to use as much of our own garden produce as possible and of course, that produces a high margin for us. A local producer who uses fruit from the surrounding countryside now supplies our own-label jams for the shop, while our range of “Glamis” beers are brewed and bottled in Perthshire.

The simple changes we have made to the food we sell in our shops and our restaurant have made a big difference to the business.  We have listened to our customers and given them what they want and by so doing we have been able to charge a premium.  This in turn has delivered higher profitability for the business and for the Trustees who are responsible for reinvesting it for the future of Glamis Castle.  Everyone is happy!

David Adams
General Manager
Glamis Castle
Angus , DD8 1RJ
Tel: 01307 840393

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