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Specific Allergies

Milk Allergy

Allergy to cows’ milk is the most common food allergy in childhood and affects 2 to 7% of babies under one year old. When a baby has cows’ milk allergy he or she can react to small amounts of milk protein, passed to the baby through:

Children usually grow out of milk allergy by the age of three, but about a fifth of children who have an allergy to cows’ milk will still be allergic to it as adults.

A common mistake is the belief that goat’s milk should be suitable for people with milk allergy. Goat's milk protein is similar to cow's milk protein and may, therefore, cause a reaction in milk-allergic individuals. It is not a safe alternative. This is also true of sheep and buffalo milk.

Some products that may contain some hidden sources of milk, include:

Milk is one of the easiest ingredients to substitute in baking and cooking. It can be substituted, in equal amounts, with water or fruit juice. (For example, substitute 1 cup milk with 1 cup water.)

Milk Allergy Recipes

  1. Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup (Milk free)
  2. Tattie Scones (using Gluten-Free flour)
  3. Hot Tattie scones with a Scottish vegetarian cheese e.g Cainsmore, cheddar
  4. Scottish crumpets
  5. Fresh Scottish Bannocks
  6. Vegetarian Aberdeen Butteries / Rowies
  7. Breakfast Cranachan

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