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Specific Allergies

Peanut Allergy

Peanuts, also called ground nuts or monkey nuts, are a common cause of food allergies. An adverse reaction to peanuts is a true food allergy response involving an over-reaction of the immune system. The symptoms of peanut allergy can vary from mild to very severe, life-threatening reactions. Indeed, peanuts along with tree nuts have been identified as the most likely food to provoke the extreme form of severe food allergy reaction, anaphylaxis. In the UK, during the 1990s there were at least 5 reports of fatal anaphylactic reactions to peanuts. The potential severity of peanut allergy requires extra care and alertness from those affected by the condition and those offering food products to them.

Some products that may contain hidden sources of peanuts include:

Most experts recommend peanut-allergic patients avoid tree nuts as an extra precaution.

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