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Presenting a Scottish Menu

Visitors to Scotland are looking for memorable, authentic experiences in all elements of their visit, including food. They are keen to sample different foods from different regions as they travel around the country. They are interested in the food we produce and in the styles of our cooking, from traditional recipes to modern fusion .

Local customers also want fresh food which has not travelled far, and are keen to support local producers. Serving Scottish or local food and highlighting that fact on a menu gives a business an advantage and helps also to give the customer a better understanding of where they are in the world.

This section aims to help businesses write their menus to promote Scotland’s or their own area’s fine natural produce, not by giving their dishes fictitious names relating to local folk heroes but by including the sources of the foods they use. For example, “Fruit Pie” can become “Homemade Apple and Raspberry Pie, using our own Cox’s apples and berries from Perthshire”, or “Our ice cream comes from our local award-winning creamery, (name)”.

Make sure that your menu is clear and easy to read. If you offer something unique, explain that on your menu.

Tell your customers about your food buying principles, name your suppliers, if appropriate give them a local food trail map and details of where they can buy the delicious honey or smoked salmon or strawberries they enjoyed while staying with you.

Finally, it is vital that your staff know about the food you serve, where it comes from and how it is prepared, so that they can communicate this to your increasingly discerning customers

Throughout this foodkit are examples of businesses which are using good food principles to attract customers. The following are some examples of menus which highlight the provenance of the food, or which use good local ingredients in innovative ways.

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